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Morey with model, Natalie


My name is Craig Morey, and I've been making photographs, mostly nudes, for quite a while,

This site is a collection of my images from over 25 years of work, shown together for the first time - along with all the new stuff I'm doing now.

I've shot a lot of erotic work for the Penthouse company, and many European and Japanese magazines, and I've published several books of fine art nudes, but even with all those photos in print, most of my work had never been seen - until I started this site.



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erotic nude photo by craig morey erotic nude photo nude model photo by craig morey

erotic nude photo by craig morey

Membership in the Private Archive allows you to enjoy regular gallery updates of new work, experimental nudes, and certain images a bit too explicit for the public pages of the site.

Our prices are the best you'll find for the quantity and quality of images we have.

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"You don't have to be an art critic to see the creative talent of this exceptional artist. Just looking at a few thumbnails will convince anybody with a bit of taste how enticing his artistic talents are. This is how a nude women should be photographed."

D. Priest, Joyscape (Quality Website Award)


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